Netlogics holds the right to either update or alter its Terms of Services (TOS) any point of time without a prior notice. All new features and conditions apparently accentuating all the services portfolio would be again subject to TOS. A point forth from where any further subsequent use of services would be considered as an explicit consent towards all changes made forth by the company.

Violation of any of the Terms and Conditions declared by the company would end up leading to a termination of an account.

Terms of Service

The client getting the services must be 18 years or more

Only a human can take the benefits of the services provided

One account can be utilized by one person only. This single account has a fixed scope of utilization as set by number of PCs in the agreement. A customer would further require to avail support for any additional PCs in case of needs.

Netlogics holds the right to offer services only for problems and software listed on the website. Any software problems and services apart from them do not entitle Netlogics to provide services.

Netlogics delivers services through mediums like Phone, Chat and e-mail. The onsite module is not included as a mode for offering services.

Netlogics is not liable to offer support for any hardware problems related to PCs, Servers, Printers, Routers and Wireless Access Devices.

Netlogics does not provide replacement or takes liability for any malfunctioning computer part.

We do not provide any warranty on hardware and software under the support plan.

Netlogics is not liable for preserving security of a PC such as username and password. Neither shall the company be held responsible for any losses or damages resulting from a failure to comply with a security obligation.

PC users are advised not to share their personal data like computer username and password with our tech professionals at any point of time. An accidentally shared password must be changed without delay.

Netlogics cannot be held liable for any losses or damages occurring from a data theft taking place on a user's computer.

All the interactions and communications between Netlogics's experts and customers are should be in obedience of cyber laws of US/Canada or one's country of residence.

Netlogics holds no responsibility for any loss or damage rising directly or indirectly due to the rejection of authorization for any Transaction. Moreover, the organization will also not be liable if in the case of a cardholder going beyond the preset limit mutually agreed upon by the acquiring bank at any time.

Payment, Refunds, Upgrading and Downgrading Terms

Customers need to have a valid credit card for availing the services of Netlogics online. Netlogics can at any time accept or reject a demand made via a credit card.

Netlogics' support services begin from the moment on which the agreement is contracted and the payment is made.

For more than a monthly plan, the service is charged beforehand.

If any customer does not get satisfied with the services of Netlogics or does not receive a solution for a single issue about his PC within 7 days from the date of payment; the customer will be complete refund from the organization.

If our technicians fail to fix even one issue then we will provide a full refund of the amount to the customer. However, if in case one issue is resolved, the customer will not get full refund. Netlogics holds the right to cut down a minimum of 25% of the total payment charged.

All our service charges are inclusive of taxes, levies, or duties imposed by taxing authorities of USA.

We do not save any credit card information of the customers without their consent.

Cancellation and Termination

If a customer wants to cancel the support service with Netlogics, he/she may request for the cancellation over via email on or a phone on +1-800-*** ****

On the cancellation of support services, we transfer the client data to archive or active servers to be used anytime in the future.

If a client would cancel the service before the end of the paid up month, it would lead to instant cancellation and the client would not be asked for any charge again.

Netlogics has all the rights to suspend or stop an account and decline any present or future use of the services. The needs of such action can be arise due to unauthorized access of a portal, servers and databases, rude behavior, data theft, inappropriate use of services, using the services for PC other than the one currently registered with the organization. The cancellation of service will lead to deactivation and deletion of an account and the client will never be able to access to any PC Support Service with the organization.

Netlogics holds rights to cancel the service for the use of illegal software.

Netlogics reserves the right to decline services to a client at any point of time.

Modifications to the Service and Prices

Netlogics reserves the right to change, cease, suspend or permanently stop a service without any notice at any point of time.

Our service prices of a monthly subscription plan are subject to a change on a notice period of 30 days. Changes will be either updated on our website or e-mailed to your registered account.

Credit Card Billing Netlogics may ask its clients to submit a valid credit card number to carry on with the billing procedures. Customers could be required to furnish a valid credit card number to facilitate the procedure of the billing. This will permit Netlogics to either charge or place a hold on the card in concern to payment that is not made to the company for the services and related products. Simultaneously, this will sanction the credit card issuer to shell out the amounts that are mentioned even in case there is no signed receipt. An aspect of the business understanding between Netlogics and the credit card issuer arrived at the time of a business deal. In addition, sanctioning Netlogics or any other business firm or agency who is responsible for billing the products and services or operate as billing agent to go on and charge or place holds on all the amounts mentioned unless of course all the charges levied on the card has been paid in their totality. Meanwhile, also making sure that Netlogics is supplied with information that is accurate and updated or offer correct information in the event the firm considers it to be wrong or invalid. Moreover, customers would also be required to acknowledge the point that never in the course of time Netlogics or any of its affiliated organizations would be made responsible in concern with inadequate funds or other charges on the credit card levied because of holds placed on the card.


In case a client offers a debit card number instead of a credit card, Netlogics is authorized to charge all the just charges that the company thinks right. In the event the customer is enrolled or gets enrolled in an automatic payment or electronic funds transfer arrangement, an accord must be worked upon with an aim that amounts herein will be charged at Netlogics's avowal to an account number so chosen for any kind of automatic payment or electronic funds transfer program. In case a payment is also made through a credit card or debit card, it will adhere to terms and conditions of the card issuer. 

In case, the charges cannot be paid through a credit card, or in the event a bank draft or electronic funds transfer is invalid and is returned as a result of fund scarcity, a further charge of $15.00 will be made by Netlogics.

Copyright and Content Ownership

Any content posted by a customer and transmitted to Netlogics must strictly comply with USA cyber laws and or copyright laws of a client's respective country.

Any information shared out with Netlogics would be the intellectual assets of that person or of the third-party from which the content has been obtained. Netlogics does not own any rights to such consequences.

Any questions or answers posted on forums of Netlogics would become property of the organization

Netlogics can delete any content viewed as unsuitable from its website without any reasons

The appearance and design of the Netlogics website is copyrighted to Netlogics. Any copying, reclaim or duplication of any kind of the HTML/CSS or visual designs without taking written permission from Netlogics will lead to legal consequences.

General Conditions

The consumption of Netlogics's services portfolio is built by the client at his own judgment. This service offered either via email, chat or phone.

Our services are made available only in English languages. Other languages would be considered only on the basis of mutual efforts.

Netlogics holds the right to use 3rd party marketers and hosting partners for offering the needed hardware, software, networking and other related technologies for managing the service.

Unless specified by Netlogics, the services should not be changed or resold to a 3rd party. Any accountability rising from such conditions would be only borne by the client.

Netlogics holds the right to delete Content and Accounts comprising of content considered as illegal, threatening, abusive, libelous, offensive, pornographic and questionable.

Netlogics can terminate any account in case of any verbal, physical or written abuse of an employee.

We do not entertain any requests for posting, hosting or transmission of unsolicited e-mails, SMSs, or "spam" messages.

We do not entertain transmission of any kind of worms, viruses or any code of a critical manner.

At no point in time Netlogics justifies services provided will meet exact needs, services would be continuous, well-timed, protected or error-free, the results gained from the use of services would be precise or trustworthy, the excellence of any products, services, info or other things purchased would be within one's prospects and finally would any errors in the service would be adjusted.

Netlogics does not take the liability for any direct, indirect, incidental, particular, significant or exemplary harms resulting in loss of profits, benevolence, use, data or other intangible losses, leading from: The utilization or the malfunction in using the service

The cost of procurement of alternate goods and services cropping from any goods, data or services obtained or messages obtained or transactions entered into through or from the service illegal access to or modification concerning transmission of data

Statements or behavior of any third party on the service or any other matter linked to the service. Any accountability would be restricted to the value of service contract.

The letdown of Netlogics to apply any of these rights or the Terms of Service will not result in waiver of such right or provisions. The Terms of Service establishing the complete agreement between Netlogics and its customers preside over the use of the Service, replacing any prior accords made with the organization.